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| [] The 44th Annual Trade Day “Award for the export over one hundred million dollas’
| jmtkorea
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| 2007-11-30

JM Telecom received “Award for the export over one hundred million dollars” at the 44th Annual Trade Day,
on the 30th of November.
We export PBA products for LCD panels, which are our main items, to Europe and America through Samsung electronics. From last July to this June, the amounts were 189.3 million dollars, which was a 37% increase from the same period last year. We won the prize because of this large increase. As a result of continuous research and development to create competitive business techniques, we have developed PAS. We created synthetic techniques on production, quality and testing and this resulted in us receiving the prize. Also, as we had introduced SAP R/3, which is an ERP system and we had built an information system, we could establish transparency of management. We could also build stable competitive techniques such as no-stock and quality renovation by connecting with SCM.
Also, we have expanded to other overseas markets. As we start a mass production on March, 2008 form our Slovakia branch
(JMT SKs, r, o). We aim at being a regular global business there.
I hope to receive your encouragement and interest continuously.

< Commemoration of receiving prize for top of one-hundred million dollar export “Honorary President and Employee”>
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