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Scientific research and activating(practicing)-mind of JM Telecom sets the good example in the fields through several awards

2007, November

Won the “USD100 million Export Tower” on the day of Trade.

2007, March

Won the “sincerer tax-payers” on the day of tex-payer

2006, June
Won the best IDT quality prize for the first half year from Samsung-electronic(corp.)
Won the prize of improving the competitive-power from Samsung-electronic(corp.)
2005, October
Won the third prize of ERP operation from Samsung-electronic(corp.)
2005. Feburary

Gained the ISO 14001-certification SystemKorea

2004. December

Gained Eco-Partner certification from Samsung-electronic(corp.)

2004. December

Gained the competitive-power inovation avtivity(performance) from Samsung-electronic(corp.)

2001. December

Gained ISO 9002 certification from KFQ-certification