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We will offer our clients top quality products and service for their full satisfaction.

How are you?
This is the CEO of JM Telecom(corp.), Jung Soo Youn.
First of all, I would like to sincerely thank everyone for visiting our homepage.

JM Telecom(corp.), with its superior equipment and technology, is conducting comprehensive EMS business in the IT industry.
Through our continuous management innovation and cultivation of talents, we’ve been striving for customer satisfaction as our top priority.
JM Telecom’s corporate spirit is “management as one
It is a community spirit expression that implies “sharing spirit” and “everybody as one”. The idea is to share happiness with not only the clients but also all the members of our staff and management by providing the top quality products and service.
The enterprise focus value of the headquarters of a party sincere originality challenge is the happy.

Our core corporate values are “sincerity”, “creativity”, “challenge”, and “happiness”.

All the members of our staff and management including myself try and practice “sincerity” as the virtue in both professional and personal lives. Based on this, we are expanding our successful business with pioneering vision about future value by exhibiting “creativity” in a fast-changing corporate world.
This is currently being visualized through the business diversification and continuous research and development.
Futhermore, JM Telecom(corp.) is preparing to "challenge" for the globalization and is seeking to expand to a global enterprise .

Based on the fundamental spirit of sincerity, we will become a superior company, creating the future value. This derives from our corporate ideology that seeks “happiness” among all our clients, staffs and management.
We, at JM Telecom(corp.), will accept client’s various demands, and step closer to our customers with thorough quality control and post-management , and soar to become a world class company.

In reaching this goal, JM Telecom(corp.) will lead the future-orientedbusiness system and technology. Based on the virtue of sharing, we will do our best to build a company that pursue happiness.
We would appreciate your concern and support for JMT, which acquired global competitiveness through constant effort for enhanced productivity, high quality service, and efficient measure on fast-changing market, to grow into a world class company.

Thank you