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JMI(corp.) contributes to the development of light-disk, the core of media and display-industry, establishing right-way management and World’s Top competitive-power.

01. Company Overview
Company name
: JIM Co.,Ltd( Jeongmoon Information Co.,Ltd )
: 122-5 Youngcheon-ri, Dongtan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyunggi-do
Foundation date
: 20, February, 1993
: Chung Yeun-Dae
Capital : 32,579,342,000 won (face value: 1,000 won)
KOSDAQ registration date : 18, August, 1997
Homepage : http://www.jmikorea.co.kr
Telephone number : 031-376-9494

01. Major business
1. Media

In 1993, as a Microsoft’s AR(Authorized Replicator), JMI has been engaged in formatting MS's PC operating system into varied media and provided them to domestic PC manufacturers and JMI has set up a perfect media processing system.
JMI sets the best technology and equipments as the media-specialized enterprise, and makes best efforts to provide quality products at a right time and deliver and also A/S that the consumer would be satisfied.


Based upon CD manufacturing technology, JMI(corp.) are pooling our all energy in development and research for other manufacturing optical recording media as well as DVDs.


Stamper process is essential in manufacturing high-tech media products including CDs, DVDs, and other recording media
Stamper is served as a master of CD and DVD in mass replication, requiring high-level precision and high technology


The origin of JMI business is printing.
JMI's printing business has begun in 1976 (now, Jeongmoon Publishing Co.) and provided a foothold of acquiring Microsoft’s? AR license. Since its establishment, JMI's printing business has tried to secure global technology and equipments

2. DISPLAY(LGP: Light Guide Panel)

LGP is a component that guides the light emitted from LED (Light Emitting Diode) to its upper side through the activity of evenly distributing the light to two-dimensional plane.
It plays a role of changing first-dimensional spot light source into successive light source. Such changed light is distributed to the entire screen through engraved patterns on it.

3.MS AR Business


Role of AR(Authorized replicator)

① Acting as a base manufacturing Microsoft products for PC manufacturers
② Mass producing MS standard products in local market
③ Confirming license status for MS users and preventing products replication

KIT Assemble

JMI operates MS AR business, JMI provides the packaged products including software and manuals, and computer components, required by PC producing company at the same time.
Taking into the fact computer business has a wide range of products, it is not easy to control production process from manufacturing through packaging to delivery without any fault or error. This is the reason why hi-tech assembly system is required.

Especially, ship kit process that enables to deliver computer hardware and software in one packaged box is the kernel of computer distribution system, requiring varied technologies and system consolidation.
This is result of JMI’s proprietary technology capability combining MEDIA producing, printing, and packing technology.