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Research subject
EEPRORM Writer development
Research institute
Technology-laboratory of JM Telecom(corp.)
Research background
Focusing on productivity and quality improvement to solve the problem of decrease in reliance and damage in image of enterprise In case of input error of Data and loss of process because EEPROM is inserted, as EEPRM of LCD signal board mounted.
Research result

Improving purpose and requirements
There should be no omission in data entry and/or input error
Writer Time should not exceed PFT Time.
Should be compatiblewith all kinds of EEPROM

Applied technology
Analysis the program on EEPROM
Standardize EEPROM Device
Bar-coding for mis-inserting
JIG design and development for each model

Research Result
Separate EEPROM and PFT processes
Solve the EEPROM input error/un-inserting problem
16, 32, 64 Mega Memory can be inserted

Developing period
From December, 2005 to March, 2006
Expected effects
EEPROM badness 1,209PPM -> 0 PPM