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  Human resourceis the power of the enterprise. JM Telecom promotes the ‘efficiency(capability) first’ principle and imports and performs the new personnel management, focusing on the ability(capabilitya) and develops and educate the best experts, doing one’s best.

01. Effects of new personnel management
Settlement of employee development system that each individual is valued

- Reorganization of system which could respect employee's personality and design the future
- Support improvement and display of ability, training the various and specialized person
- Activation of groups through communication
- Cultivation of leadership and transfer of power could make promotion of communication and
..sharing information.
- Education of a creative and aggressive person, and formation of bright company culture through the
.. activation of organization

ESystemized treatment and compensation according to achievements and ability

- Induce autonomous competition principle to systemetically evaluate achievements and ability(capability)
- Motivate employees with better treatment and rewards corresponding to results and ability progression.
.. (working-condition) according to the progress of ability

Promote progressive corporate culture

- Personnel management innovation, focusing on human-resources with the competitiveness
- Build an organization of self-control and creativity

02. Perform the payment per the actual result(qualification)

Salary paid per performance
Results distribution

Application unit

Individual unit
Organization unit
Wage differentiation regarded by qualification level and considered valuation
Management, collective responsibility and group incentive
Range of wages
Standard wages and bonus
Piece rate
Ooperation scheme
Raising of individual wage
Evaluation of team through MBO and, settlement and application of a piece rate
03. Elevation and promotion system

JMT segregates between qualification promotion and position promotion. Instead of giving position promotion to majority of staffs who don’t have opportunities for promotion, JMT, based on individual performance among same classes of qualifications, carries out elevation system that grants increased salary step and promotion system that grants higher qualification class.

Aapplication unit
Rising of ability and position
Post a position with a certain responsibility
Rrange of wages
No demotion
Ooperations scheme
No limitation
Post valuation
Prior valuation
04. operation of elevation and promotion
Weekdays : 08:30 ~ 17:30 (five days work in a week)
05. Careers
Annual Recruiting

Entry level recruit for undergraduates graduating in the coming February
- Time : Every November
- Recruiting : 1. Document Screening 2. Interview 3. Physical Examination

Ordinary Times
- Recruiting : 1. Document Screening 2. Interview 3. Physical Examination
- Notice : News papers, company homepage, job posting site(www.jobkorea.co.kr)
- Further information : Department of Management Support Ryu Young-chan, section chief
- Call : (031) 371-9117