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TELINFOS CO., LTD specializes in R&D of convergent products. With our basis on streamline/wireless communication system technology we developed multimedia terminal that uses state-of-the-art embedded Linux and ARM core based hardware platform. This multimedia terminal is compatible with streamline/wireless communication system technology (including wireless LAN) which enables ‘convergence’ in product development.

01. Company Overview
Company name
: Telinfos (TELINFOS CO., LTD)
: 705, Hanshin IT-tower, #235 Guro-3dong, Guro-gu, Seoul
: Kim Jun-mo
Capital : 2 hundred million
Telephone number : 02-2108-6461
Fax : 02-2108-6469

02. Business Field
03. Major business
1) Multimedia unit

① E-FRAME : Digital Picture Frames

....- Equipment, that enables to watch the digital image with high-resolution TFT-LCD display, without any
......printing process
....- Provides Home Multimedia Service such as movie, MP3P Digital frame(E-Frame: Digital Picture Frames):
..... the unit that enables to watch high

... Function

② PMP : Portable Multimedia Player
....- HDD that supports file formats of MP3, WMA, ASF, Ogg and Decoding/Encoding of movie, MPEF1/2/4 Internal
..... portable multimedia-player
....- Excellent new technology, certified by the ministry of information and communication
..... (Obtained IT-mark from the ministry of information and communication in December, 2005)

2) Wire/Wireless communication system

① xDSL remote testing tool
Tool, that conducts the simplified arrangement of complaints and reduces the operating cost for the manager(enterpriser), enabling the error-arrangement and auto-detecting by Internet connection enterpriser and user’s PC remote connect.

② WLAN AP (IEEE 802.11a/b/g Tri-mode)
Wireless LAN AP(Access Point), that enables maximum 54Mbps high-speed transfer, supporting 2.4GHz range and 5GHz range IEEE 802.11a at the same time

3) Wireless-network solution

To develop the Radio Wave propagation predicting model suiting Korea’s environment, cooperating with Propagation laboratory of the ministry of information communication(RRL)and Korean electronic-communication laboratory(ETRI), measures the propagation within several types of wireless LAN, D-TV, IMT-2000 frequency range and analyze the specification of propagation through the analysis result.